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A professionally-designed website is more important than you actually think. It will not only help your business stand out but also it can save you time & money in the long run. Moreover, a smart website can direct website visitors to take action. But, if you have an unappealing and unprofessional website, your website visitors may have a bad impression on your business.

Here at DG Marketix, we have been creating appealing and fully-responsive website for our clients for several years, helping them build their online presence & get noticed.

We have a team of highly experienced and impressively-skilled web designers in Kolkata, who work closely with our clients to turn their website dream into reality. With several years of experience in web design, they are able to provide quick solutions, without cutting corners. Their ultimate aim is to help our clients create a good impression on their visitors with a visually pleasing website.

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What is Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website design automatically adjusts and adapts to any device screen size, no matter whether it is a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. It delivers the best user-experience across all devices & has many other benefits.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design:

Better user-experience

Responsive website designs works well on any screen size. So your website visitors can access your responsive website from any devices, no matter how big or small their screen is.

Faster Page Speed

We all know that fast-loading websites are favoured in search results. This is one of the main reasons why Google recommends using responsive website. Sites that are mobile responsive loads faster than sites that are not mobile-friendly, resulting in better user experience as well as a boost in Google ranking.

Google favours responsive websites

This is one of the most important reasons why you should consider developing a responsive website. Few years back, Google has already publicly declared their love for responsive website design.So if you want to push your website up in search results, you need to make it responsive.

Easy maintenance

Developing two sites for one purpose is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also hard to manage & maintain. Managing & maintaining a single website is definitely easy and takes less time than two sites with same content. That’s why responsive website is highly recommended. With a responsive site, the maintenance becomes hassle free.

Lower bounce rates

Remember, if your website is not compatible with the device that your potential customers are using, they will not think twice to leave your website and go to one of your competitors. Your website visitors doesn’t want to wait around; they simply want solutions fast and easy. That’s why, having a responsive website is highly important. A responsive site can reduce the bounce rate with faster page speed, easy to use navigation as well as clear call-to-actions.

Increased conversion rates

Creating a consistent user experience across all devices is key to converting your visitors into customers.

Web Design Services in India:

  • Custom website design
  • Responsive web design
  • Ecommerce website design
  • Website redesign
  • Flash web design
  • Static website design
  • Dynamic website design
  • Corporate website design
  • Banner design
  • Email newsletter design
  • Template design
DG Marketix Sample Web Design Template

At DG Marketix, we have a team of creative graphic designers which will work closely with you to develop graphics & images that truly reflect your brand. We design websites that parallels your brand and tell your story in a thoughtful way. We provide comprehensive Melbourne web design solutions – everything from the initial needs analysis, content development, and creative services (brand development, website design, business card design etc.) to search engine keyword ranking, targeted Digital Marketing campaigns, and on-going maintenance and support.

We realize that a good looking and professional website can do a lot for your business.

  • A creative website design will help your business stand out.
  • With a good website design, your business can gain credibility.
  • It can also help you achieve brand consistency.
  • A smart web design can direct visitors to take action.
  • Quality design has longevity. It can save your time and money in the long run.

DG Marketix can help you create a professionally-crafted and well-designed website, resulting in a positive reflection of your business. We specialize in open source technologies (i.e. PHP & MySQL). In particular we’ve successfully developed a lot of web sites using the joomla CMS (content management system). Joomla is recognized as one of the best content management tools in the industry and it’s been used by thousands of different organizations.

Our Website Designing Services is appropriate for anyone who wants a noticeable web presence without spending a large amount of money.

Unlike other web design services that are offering pre-designed templates, our experienced and skilled design team can create a fresh and attractive Customized Web Design to help you secure your niche in the competitive online world.

We are also specialist in Mobile Version Website DesignMobile Friendly Website DesignResponsive Web Designs.

To know more, check out our web design packages.